Sophie HR-1.jpg

A painting begins in so many places, whether its the seaside, a market stall, a lido, a swimming pool, local allotments or the landscape on a road trip. It's not what it is in a practical sense, but the composition, shape and colour that excites me. Its about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and capturing that in a painting.

I use iphone photography and sketchbooks to record the landscapes or observations about the environment and use these snippets to explore colour, mark making and composition, when back in the studio. The paintings themselves start to take shape in the studio, as I layer on washes of colour or thick swathes of paint, and experiment with pattern, marks and form.

I paint spontaneously, which I love, and I try not to focus on the end result too much, letting the brush marks, splotches and spills occur. Often they will become part of the work its self, which is for me a very physical process.

"Part of the painting process for me is getting lost in the work, wondering which direction to go in, what to paint, how to express what it is im trying to say about the ever changinglandscape. My aim is to intuitively create a world that you can get lost in too,  but return to again and again and discover something new or familiar, somewhere'other', were the viewer can also loose themselves, for a moment in time."

I am always experimenting with my use of colour, which is an intrinsic part of a painting for me, and although on the surface they tend to be bright and luminous, the layers underneath, can often be dark and murky. I am a self confessed colour lover! Marks are made, scratched into, painted over, sponged off and layered back on, its all part of the process, to create a unique piece of work.


Recently I was shortlisted for Brighton Artist of the year.

I graduated from Chichester University in 1997 with a degree in Art & Related Arts. I live with my husband and 2 children in the vibrant seaside town of Brighton, East Sussex, UK.